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Clean up your database thanks to HLR

HLR Lookup service gives you the possibility of stay updated about the status of your clients mobile phones

Thanks to this service you will be able to make more efficients SMS and text-to-speech campaigns and, thus, will improve your delivery rate and decrease your expenses.

How does it work?

Fron your client area, access to the group you want to check and click on "Check status". In few seconds, all numbers status will be displayed.

Using our API, make a request with the appropriate protocol and you will get a respose with the following information

What type of information can I get?

  • MCC/MNC - Country and network codes
  • IMSI - International subscriber identity
  • Name of the network operator owning the number
  • Code of the network operator
  • Ported number? - Network operator number and code are included
  • Available number, temporary or permanent error


Clean up your database with no size restrictions
Access the HLR Lookup service via our API
Control panel
Afilnet offers the most advanced control panel in the world
Multiple-account manager
Create sub-accounts for different departments, subsidiaries or franchises
SMS Delivery Tracking
Get an up-to-the-minute information about the delivery status of your SMS
The best prices with or without ID sender
We work to offer you the best prices to any destination worldwide
No expiry date
Your SMS balance will not expire, top up your balance and spend it whenever you need it
Secure payments
We offer secure payment options, so that you can your top up without worries

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