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Generate QR codes

QR codes connect your clients with a URL o with a Cloud Service (image, video, catalogues, survey ... )


Generate unlimited codes
Create as many QR codes as you want
It's free!
The QR code service is 100% free.
Control panel
Afilnet offers the most advanced control panel in the world
Multiple-account manager
Create sub-accounts for different departments, subsidiaries or franchises
SMS Delivery Tracking
Get an up-to-the-minute information about the delivery status of your SMS
The best prices with or without ID sender
We work to offer you the best prices to any destination worldwide
No expiry date
Your SMS balance will not expire, top up your balance and spend it whenever you need it
Secure payments
We offer secure payment options, so that you can your top up without worries
Presentations / Catalogues
Send practical presentations and catalogues attached to your SMS

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Surveys / polls
Send practical presentations and catalogues in your SMS

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Discount coupons
Send discounts to your customers and manage them from your account

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Send an event to all your customers and monitor the evolution from your account

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Attach PDF documents
Send PDF documents to your customers through SMS, documents are displayed even without a PDF reader

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Contracts and payslips by SMS
Send the contracts or payslips of your employees directly to their mobile phones

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Attach pieces of audio, radio sports, music ... to your messages.

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Images / Video
Sending videos attached to your messages is the most visual and effective way to reach your clients.

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